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About Me

I started life as Charlotte Jenkins, many moons ago.

Over the years I have worked as a town planner, run my own catering business and been a teaching assistant. Now I have aspirations of being a textile artist!

I have always loved art and sewing, but my eyes were opened to the possibilities of machine embroidery after visiting a textile exhibition full of bright wall hangings when I was 12. It took me a mere 35 years to enrol onto a machine embroidery course and hone my techniques.

My textile pictures are created by machine and hand stitching, often onto hand printed fabric. I enjoy experimenting with rust, indigo and eco printing and creating unconventional combinations of texture and colour.

I exhibit regularly and am a member of the following groups:

Ochre Print Studio  (Guildford)

Textiles on Tuesdays

Guildford Arts

Modus Textiles

Oxshott Art &Crafts Society

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